Chinese Christian Fellowship

Join a group of dedicated Christians with American and Chinese backgrounds, who have a passion to “bring Chinese people in the U.S. and the world to faith in Jesus Christ and to grow them in their faith so that they can share the good news of the Gospel with others.” For more information, please email Leisure at

9:30-10:30 am
Room M102

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  1. leisure yu says:

    To the Trinity Family:

    In the months of Sep / Oct 2016 our topic of study was “Trinity in the Old Testament”.

    Please join us starting this Sunday Oct 23, we will begin the study of “Reformation 1517: Old or Forever New?”. We choose this topic as 2017 will be the 500 year of celebrating the Oct 31 1517 reformation of Luther.

    In the month of Aug/Sep 2016 we dealt with the issue of Christianity and 2016 Presidential election.

    Come and join us as we look into the Words of “Yahushua (Ya- O-shua) Ha-Mashiach”.

    As you can see we speak English.
    God bless you all. 上帝祝福你, Shàngdì zhùfú nǐ :)

  2. leisure yu says:

    COME THIS SUNDAY ON 3/19/2017 and hear SARAH MAITHEL speak on :

    “The Nature of the Rock Record and Geological Implications for our Interpretations of Genesis”

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